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Karim Amirali Jessani


Karim Jessani is a Data Consultant - principal level at Kainos. Leading the Kainos data team in Canada,
Karim is passionate about helping organizations achieve their data governance and cloud goals. Karim
has over two decades of experience throughout the entire systems development life cycle covering data
management and information architecture, project and program management, software engineering, and
Karim has extensive experience with various big data management on-premise and cloud technologies
for data engineering, data virtualization, metadata management, master data management, data quality,
and analytics such as Snowflake, Teradata, Collibra, Informatica, Tableau leveraging cloud platform
Microsoft Azure and AWS.
Over his twenty-five year career, Karim has held leadership roles in numerous data management
assignments in private companies as well as in government agencies. His consulting assignments have
provided opportunities to observe examples of effective data governance, as well as situations where
effective data governance has seemed an elusive goal.