DataMass Gdańsk Summit 2022 is coming

Mariusz Zareba

Software/Data Engineer, GetInData
Software/Data Engineer with 5 years of professional experience. Interested in building reliable, scalable, and maintainable data-driven systems.

Michal Brys

Machine Learning Engineer, GetInData

Michał analyzes data for e-commerce companies from 2009 using it to solve real business problems. His toolbox contains TensorFlow, Python, Hadoop, Spark, and all data processing tools on the Google Cloud Platform. He has no fear of petabytes scale datasets and low-latency. Previously, Michał was a part of research teams in Allegro and


Jakub Wszolek

BigData enthusiast. Principal Software Architect in a global data company.
Experienced with data on-boarding processes, Spark and cloud-based implementations. Interested in machine learning and data science algorithms. PhD in domain specific languages for design and optimization of distributed measurement networks.


Mariusz Domżalski

Enthusiast of data-intensive and cloud-based systems, and fan of programming languages, from Lisp to Rust.
Full stack developer with many years of experience in building enterprise solutions on JVM. As part of his research, he deals with machine learning algorithms. PhD in estimation and data fusion.