DataMass Gdańsk Summit 2023
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Marek Wiewiórka

Marek has 15+ years experience in designing and building data analytics solutions. Over the years he was involved in many big data projects both on-premise and in the cloud. His current main focus areas are Modern Data and MLOps platforms.

Seasoned Phd candidate in bioinformatics, researcher and lecturer at  Warsaw University of Technology and open-source contributor.

Daniel Owsiański

Daniel has over 20+ years of experience in building ventures, products, and teams. During his tenure, he created, grew, and sold several products and businesses. He strives to obtain and apply deep knowledge of mixing technology, business, and people to create teams that deliver. As a lifelong learner, he is always on the lookout for the next fabulous thing to learn…

Lukasz Leszewski

Łukasz is the Senior Sales Engineer for Eastern Europe at Snowflake. Before joining, Łukasz held various positions like consultant, architect, and project manager at the business analytics software vendor SAS. Based out of Warsaw, he also is a lecturer on Data Quality at the Warsaw School of Economics. He has over 15 years of experience in data management and business intelligence.

Russell Lamb

Russell earned a Masters in Business Administration from New York University in 2012. He has over 20 years of experience building data focused systems at large financial institutions around the globe. During that time he has led teams distributed across North America, Europe, and beyond. His technical expertise includes Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Engineering. At the start of 2021, Russ joined PepsiCo as a leader in eCommerce data engineering.

Michał Soszko

Data Analyst / Analytics Engineer, GetInData

A dbt enthusiast, devoted for analytics and programming. At Getindata, he's become a member of the R&D team perfecting the vision of the modern data platform. Proud user of SQL, Python, Tableau, Data Studio and (some) Looker.

Andrzej Swatowski

Data Engineer, GetInData

Software and data engineer who enjoys building tools that ease the work of other engineers. Andrzej graduated from the University of Warsaw, where he deepened his interests in functional programming, compiler construction, and distributed systems. Currently, he mainly works in the Big Data field, constructing data pipelines and developing scalable data processing platforms.

Sergey Seleznev

Over 18 years of experience in implementation, consulting and support of enterprise software solutions with focus on data management and data engineering. Participated in over 80 projects across major industry sectors including process and discrete industries. The product manager of the DataLark Platform - a data management software solution that incorporates two decades of experience and practical knowledge.

Kate Darnell

Kate Darnell is a Data Developer at Shopify with over 7 years of development experience, and is a graduate of U of T’s Computer Science program. When she isn’t keeping the various big data platforms and technologies en pointe, Kate is a ballet dancer, puppy owner, and proud woman in tech.

Ľuboslav Gabal

More than 15 years of experience in ideating and delivering the projects in data management, business analysis, business consulting, marketing management, customer and business intelligence in telecommunications, banking and insurance.

Radosław Stankiewicz

Radek joined Google in September 2018 as the Data Strategic Cloud Engineer in Professional Services Organization at Google Cloud. Prior to Google, Radek spent 10+ years working with startups, enterprises, pharma, fintech and the public sector helping with data analytics, hadoop based development and integration. Focusing now on large scale big data platforms running on GCP.

Piotr Chaberski

Data Science and Machine Learning practitioner with a couple of years of industry experience with applying analytics to solve business problems in various domains.

Adrian Dembek

Passionate about translating business needs into a machine learning problems to solve. Always focused on business value when designing solutions. Specializing in customer- and marketing-related ML solutions.

Michał Rudko

Consultant with 13+ year experience in the data industry specialising in data solutions design, advanced analytics, busi

ness intelligence and project delivery. Enthusiastic about agile methodologies and data driven transformation. Areas of interest: big data system design, ML & analytics engineering, consulting. Google Cloud Certified Professional Machine Learning Engineer

Przemyslaw Gamdzyk

CEO & Meeting Designer, Evention

Przez lata dziennikarz i redaktor specjalizujący się w obszarze tematycznym ICT w perspektywie biznesowej, technologicznej, organizacyjnej i ludzkiej. Był redaktorem Computerworld. Współpracował z Polityką i Rzeczpospolitą. Później zajął się rozwojem biznesu. Zawsze za podstawową wartość i fundament swojej działalności traktował tworzenie efektywnych obszarów porozumienia w biznesie – wyrażonych w piśmie, w świecie Internetu czy w formie fizycznych spotkań. Zrealizował w sumie kilkaset projektów wydawniczych i eventowych.
W ciągu kilku lat budował biznes konferencyjny IDG Business Media, był także dyrektorem programów dla kadry kierowniczej w wydawnictwie IDG Poland. Członek Rady Fundacji „Instytut Mikromakro” – ThinkTanku, którego był współzałożycielem. Aktualnie Prezes spółki wyspecjalizowanej w organizacji skutecznych wydarzeń biznesowych. Łącznie blisko 20 letnie doświadczenie w działalności w obszarze mediów rynku teleinformatycznego. Łączy ścisłe wykształcenie i umysł analityczny z szerokim obszarem zainteresowań i wiedzy oraz głębokim szacunkiem dla humanistyki. Absolwent Wydziału Matematyki, Informatyki i Mechaniki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego – uczeń prof. Władysława Turskiego. Ukończył studia podyplomowe „Komunikacja społeczna” organizowane przez Instytut Badań Literackich PAN i Fundację Upowszechniania Nauk. Uczestniczył w szeregu szkoleń i warsztatów, doskonalących kompetencje menedżerskie, umiejętności prowadzenia projektów i sztukę wystąpień publicznych czy wykorzystania narzędzi komunikacji elektronicznej i interaktywnych przekazów marketingowych.

Lukasz Malinowski

Lukasz Malinowski is an IoT Consultant at AWS Professional Services based in Poland. Lukasz has over 15 years of experience in designing, building, and securing distributed systems spanning from the on-premise devices, secure edge gateway servers, to the native cloud components.

Marcin Szeliga

Marcin Szeliga is a Freelance Data Scientist who specializes in working with and teaching SQL Server and Azure, with over 15 years of experience in the field. Marcin has been consistently awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional title since 2006 and is one of only two AI MVPs in Poland.

Marcin is an accomplished speaker at numerous European conferences, a university teacher, and an author of books and articles on the Microsoft data platform. Additionally, he serves on the program boards of the PWN publisher and the Polish Association of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, with a commitment to advancing the field of data science and AI.

As a leader of Data Community Poland and an active member of the Polish data science communities, Marcin is passionate about building a vibrant and inclusive community of data professionals. His dedication to helping others unlock the power of data is evident in his work with clients, teaching students, and collaborating with fellow experts.

Alicja Grochocka

Alicja Grochocka is an Associate, IAM Secrets and Encryption Svc, at Goldman Sachs in Warsaw. She is a software engineer with experience in architecting and building data platforms and IT risk remediation measurement. She is introducing ways of measuring risk in enterprise IT infrastructure (i.e. in cloud security, data management, or identity and access management). Her recent interests have expanded to mathematical models for analytical risk assessment in the area of cybersecurity. Alicja holds a Bachelor in Computer Science from Warsaw University of Technology.

Marcin Kaptur

Solution Product Manager, Ringier Axel Springer Poland


Product Owner and Principal Engineer @ Ringier Axel Springer Poland. Started as a systems administrator over 20 years ago, now he's an experienced architect of cloud-based data solutions. As a Product Owner has a practice in balancing business and technical requirements with financial and architectural limitations, resulting in delivering highly effective technology solutions.

Filip Mordarski

I work as a machine learning engineer at Orange. I design and develop methods for Anomaly Detection in Network using both deep learning and statistical methods. I have completed my master's studies in Advanced Analytics - Big Data at Warsaw School of Economics. My thesis focused on natural language processing with the use of semantic hypergraphs.

Olga Kulesza

Olga works in Orange Innovation Poland as Data Engineer where she focuses on data pipelines and ML modeling in the Predictive Network Maintenance project. She has over 3 years of experience working with Big Data, managing data architecture, BI and R&D, and ML projects. Olga finished studies in Computer Science and Econometrics at Poznań University of Economy and Business.

Lukasz Hunka

Director of SME Risk & Analytics @ PKO Bank Polski. Currently navigating migration of the risk analytical environment to the Google Cloud and setting up MLOps culture among data scientists. Extensive experience in using analytics to support business decisions in financial institutions.

Pierre de Leusse


Pierre was awarded a PhD in Computer Science from Newcastle University in 2009 for research work on distributed systems security governance done at British Telecom. Following that, Pierre has worked in top tier banks mostly on compute heavy solutions for valuation and risk management. In the past years, Pierre has progressively focused more time on data and analytics. Recently Pierre has joined the PepsiCo eCommerce team to support its continuous growth in the field of data engineering.

Wouter de Bie

Director Of Engineering at Datadog

Very experienced in BigData, both technically and strategically. Highly communicative. Can make a difference in IT projects because of insight in customer requirements and issues and is able to translate those into technical solutions. Public speaker with talks about BigData around the world.

Márton Balassi

Flink Tech Lead, Apple

Marton Balassi is a Flink PMC member and a Software Engineer at Apple. In previous roles he worked directly with more than 50 customers to guide their journey of distributed data processing. Most recently before joining Apple he led the Flink Engineering team at Cloudera.

Karim Amirali Jessani


Karim Jessani is a Data Consultant - principal level at Kainos. Leading the Kainos data team in Canada,
Karim is passionate about helping organizations achieve their data governance and cloud goals. Karim
has over two decades of experience throughout the entire systems development life cycle covering data
management and information architecture, project and program management, software engineering, and
Karim has extensive experience with various big data management on-premise and cloud technologies
for data engineering, data virtualization, metadata management, master data management, data quality,
and analytics such as Snowflake, Teradata, Collibra, Informatica, Tableau leveraging cloud platform
Microsoft Azure and AWS.
Over his twenty-five year career, Karim has held leadership roles in numerous data management
assignments in private companies as well as in government agencies. His consulting assignments have
provided opportunities to observe examples of effective data governance, as well as situations where
effective data governance has seemed an elusive goal.

Alessandro Romano

Data Scientist at FREE NOW

My passion for data brought me to Hamburg, where I'm currently based. I work for a multi-mobility company called Free Now, where I implement Dynamic Pricing solutions and help people understand how to get the best out of the data we collect every day. Apart from modeling and training algorithms, I'm a guitar player with a big passion for Linux and any kind of solution that involves installing a raspberry somewhere.

Tomasz Dudek

Chaos Gears

Tomek works as a Solutions Architect. He started his career as a Java developer, but quickly fell in love with machine learning and cloud technologies. Now he applies his experience in producing relatively clean code to developing AWS infrastructure code. He encourages other developers not to be afraid of the cloud, to start experimenting with it and to add cloud tools to their technology toolbox.?

Maciej Marek


Senior Data Scientist, CI/CD best practices evangelist, and a trainer. Currently creating a Multicloud analytical platform at to bring subsurface analysis into the digital age. I am passionate about Big Data building blocks, Spark lover, and Machine Learning enthusiast. My primary interest is to answer a question: how can we augment humankind and industries with Deep Learning and AI?

Kamil Dziublinski


Director of Engineering @ Xapo balancing leadership, people management, and hands-on technical skills. Equally passionate about people's growth and technological excellence. Extensive experience in designing and implementing distributed systems and scalable big data architecture.
Expert in managing globally distributed and remote teams.

Dmitry Ulyanov

Engineering leader with experience building high-scale cloud-based platforms and simplifying ways of merging together data from different sources.


Szymon Homa


Agile programmer, leader, mentor, father. For many years, I have been spreading ideas that allow for quick and effective creation of working software as well as its long-term maintenance. Programming patterns collector, propagator of "it's null until you ship it" claim. Enthusiast of TDD, BDD, DDD, RDD, CQRS, CI / CD etc. From time to time sharing knowledge with others as a trainer or speaker at conferences.

Grzegorz Gwozdz

Vectra S.A.

Ex-CTO of Neoteric software house that turned to the dark side to become Enterprise Architect at Vectra. Helped move Vectra into the cloud, building enterprise analytics in the cloud and data science team and run data part of the merger of Vectra and Multimedia. Previously CTO of Neoteric software house (9 to 100 people in 5 years). Privately father of two, husband of one, gamer and huge fan of swords and dragons.


Mariusz Zareba

Software/Data Engineer, GetInData
Software/Data Engineer with 5 years of professional experience. Interested in building reliable, scalable, and maintainable data-driven systems.

Michal Brys

Machine Learning Engineer, GetInData

Michał analyzes data for e-commerce companies from 2009 using it to solve real business problems. His toolbox contains TensorFlow, Python, Hadoop, Spark, and all data processing tools on the Google Cloud Platform. He has no fear of petabytes scale datasets and low-latency. Previously, Michał was a part of research teams in Allegro and


Jakub Wszolek

BigData enthusiast. Principal Software Architect in a global data company.
Experienced with data on-boarding processes, Spark and cloud-based implementations. Interested in machine learning and data science algorithms. PhD in domain specific languages for design and optimization of distributed measurement networks.


Mariusz Domżalski

Enthusiast of data-intensive and cloud-based systems, and fan of programming languages, from Lisp to Rust.
Full stack developer with many years of experience in building enterprise solutions on JVM. As part of his research, he deals with machine learning algorithms. PhD in estimation and data fusion.


CEO and Co-founder, GetInData

Adam became a fan of Big Data after implementing his first Hadoop job in 2010. Since then he has been working with Big Data at Spotify (where he had proudly operated one of the largest and fastest-growing Hadoop clusters in Europe), Truecaller and as a Cloudera Training Partner. Four years ago, he co-founded GetInData – a company that helps its customers to become data-driven and builds custom Big Data solutions. Adam is also co-organizer of Warsaw Hadoop User Group and a frequent speaker at major Big Data conferences and meetups.