DataMass Gdańsk Summit 2023
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The Amazon Development Center Poland (ADCP) has its three pioneering research and development centers in Gdańsk, Warsaw, and Krakow. ADCP delivers innovative solutions and advanced technologies such as Alexa Text-To-Speech, Natural Language Understanding, smart home security software under the Ring brand, and AWS cloud computing. Scientific, engineering, and programming teams utilize the latest achievements in Machine Learning, including Large Language Models and Deep Neural Networks. ADCP also plays a significant role in building Amazon's relationships with the academic and scientific community, supporting the development of technological, engineering, and IT skills of young people as well as male and female students. ADCP participates, among other things, in the "AI Tech" program funded by the European Union for students from all over Poland, and collaborates with non-governmental organizations in events such as Hour of Code, Girls Do Engineering, and Women in Tech.