DataMass Gdańsk Summit 2023
phone: +48 570 611 811

Dear Speakers,

Thank you very much for your commitment and contribution to the DataMass program. We are very concerned about successful cooperation, so please read the following list of rules and all information for speakers.


  1. The conference will be held on October 4-6 (October 4 workshops onsite, October 5 conference, October 6 workshops online). The event will be organized at the Conference Center of Museum of The Second World War.
    Address: pl. Bartoszewskiego 1 80-862 Gdańsk
  2. Please submit your presentation by September 28. When creating your presentation, please keep several aspects in mind:
    • First of all, the presentation should be as practical as possible - the participants know the theory, so they don't need to be presented with it. It is worth basing the presentation on the 4W formula: Challenge, i.e. what the problem was, Implementation, i.e. what we did to solve it, Result, i.e. what was the effect of the change implemented, Conclusion, i.e. what worked, what didn't work, what was the biggest challenge.
    • It's worth asking additional questions:
      • How many slides does the presentation about the company take up (recommended only a mention with no slides devoted to a description of the company or a maximum of 1 slide and no more than 2 minutes of lecture)
      • How many slides does it take to present the product or solution you want to offer? We recommend that the lecture presents a problem shot or is a case study discussed - interested people will want to talk about the product themselves and will come up during the break to ask for details / at an online conference they will contact you.
    • The presentation cannot be of a marketing or promotional nature.
    • The Organizer has the right to interfere with the content of the presentation if it deems that it does not meet the substantive requirements of the conference or contains promotional or advertising content. The Organizer will inform the Speaker directly about the need for changes.
  3. Please prepare your presentation on the conference template that you can download here. Downlad template
  4. You will soon receive a dedicated graphic for use in publications on LinkedIn and Facebook. We would appreciate your recommendation of the conference and your speech. If any of you do not receive the graphic, please contact us.
  5. The workshops onsite will only be possible in person.
  6. You are welcome to attend the entire conference program, however, if you are unable to attend the entire event please arrive/join the conference at least half an hour before your presentation/workshops. After each presentation, if there is enough time, we will give participants the opportunity to ask additional questions to the Speaker.
  7. We make the conference presentations in the form of pdf files available to participants after the conference in the form of a link to a specially prepared non-public website. If you do not agree to share please let us know BEFORE the conference. However, in such a situation, we would very much appreciate it if you would prepare a version of the presentation that we can share with the participants. Participants are always very much looking forward to post-conference materials.
  8. Please let us know as soon as possible if there are any circumstances preventing you from performing.

If you disagree with any of the above, please let us know by September 15!