DataMass Gdańsk Summit 2023
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AI Revolution: Uncover new practical possibilities in Google Cloud

This workshop will introduce you to the latest Google Cloud Platform services in the field of artificial intelligence. You'll learn about Document AI - a solution that enables the extraction, analysis, and processing of various types of documents (text, forms, documentation, invoices, prescriptions, and more). Additionally, you'll explore the capabilities of Generative AI for creating your own conversation models using the Vertex AI PaLM API. We'll also present the capabilities of Duet AI - a solution that can write emails for you, prepare presentations, summarize meetings, and even write code for your applications!

This workshop is primarily aimed at technical practitioners (programmers, application developers, ML engineers, data analysts) but also at business owners who want to learn how to take their organization to the next level. In short - for anyone who believes that artificial intelligence can make a real difference in their daily work.

What do you get after the training?

  • be up-to-date with all newest technologies in terms of generative AI and not only
  • get familiar with all AI solutions that Google Cloud is offering
  • learn how easily involve AI in a daily manner

No technical requirements


  • Document AI: solution overview and demo (OCR, form parser, custom processor with human in the loop)
  • Generative AI: solution overview and two demos (chatbot app deployment and custom search engine)
  • Duet AI for Google Workspace: demo including solutions for writing documents, generating images etc.
  • Duet AI for Google Cloud: demo of assisted operations and code generation

 Time Box
6.10.2023 9.30 - 11.30 | 2h

Session leader:

ML/Data Engineer
Devoteam G Cloud
Senior ML Engineer, Tech Lead
Devoteam G Cloud
ML/Data Engineer
Devoteam G Cloud