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Get ready for the biggest data conference in the Northern Poland

DataMass Gdańsk Summit 2018 DataMass Gdańsk Summit 2017

What is DataMass Gdańsk Summit?
It’s not just another conference. It’s an event created with passion – and targeted at those who use Big Data in practice in their everyday work. The main idea behind the conference is to promote knowledge and experience in designing and implementing tools for the analysis of big data volumes.


We connect the people who care
We believe that building a community of dedicated experts will help us share knowledge and exchange experience in shaping scalable and distributed computing solutions.
We value real-life expertise – is there any better way to learn than from actual specialists? Our speakers, true practitioners from top data-driven companies, will show you what they have learned and discovered about the Big Data world.

Answering your needs
Playing an active role in the Big Data world, we could see that a big technical conference focused on the exchange of knowledge and experience in this field was needed in Poland. The aim of DataMass Gdańsk Summit is to create a synergy between businesses focused on the creation and implementation of Enterprise-class solutions, together with experience and knowledge of the academic environment. The Data Science meetup in Gdańsk is a tangible proof that this is currently possible.



Jacek Laskowski

IT consultant and Software Engineer

Jacek Laskowski is a freelance IT consultant, software engineer and technical instructor specializing in Apache Spark, Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams (with Scala and sbt). Jacek offers software development and consultancy services with hands-on in-depth workshops and mentoring. Reach out to him at or @jaceklaskowski to discuss opportunities.

Michal Zylinski

Solution Architect


Michał is a solution architect in Google, helping customers and partners utilize cloud to its fullest potential. He’s a true passionate about the impact of information on business and social processes and used to work as a consultant on many projects related to big data, machine learning and data science.

Jakub Szamalek

Author & Video Game Writer

Jakub is a writer and screenwriter for CD Projekt RED (the producer of games series The Witcher). A graduate of the University of Oxford, he received a PhD in Mediterranean Archaeology from the University of Cambridge and was awarded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation scholarship. He is the author of a crime trilogy about Leochares the Athenian detective. For the books in that series, he received the Readers’ Great Calibre Award (2011, When Athena Averts her Eyes / Kiedy Atena Odwraca Wzrok) and the Great Calibre Award (2016, Bone Reading / Czytanie z Kości). According to ResPublica, Google and the Financial Times, he is among the hundred young leaders of Central and Eastern Europe. His latest novel „Whatever you choose” (Cokolwiek wybierzesz) is the first part of the „Hidden network” trilogy, published by W.A.B.

Emily Sommer

Senior Data Engineer


Emily Sommer is a senior data engineer at Etsy. She has worked on Etsy’s internal A/B testing and experimentation platform and is currently helping to build out Etsy’s streaming data analytics platform.

Ammar Akhtar

Founder & CEO

Final Rentals

Ammar Akhtar is an entrepreneur based in Poland and UAE since 2007 and has formed several successful initiatives since then mostly inclined towards mobility and technology.

Ammar is the brain behind the online booking systems for Budget, Thrifty, Dollar and many other companies in the UAE including Udrive.

After working for years for many big car rental companies the company has launched UAE’s flagship car rental comparison and booking portal known as that won the Gulf Capital SME Award as the “Digital Business of the Year” 2018.

Ammar’s dream is to make car rental reservations as easy as renting a movie from Netflix or ordering food from Deliveroo. Last but not the least he would like to eradicate poverty as much as possible across the world and would love aspiring entrepreneur find the right guidance and purpose of their organization.

Kamil Folkert

Member of the Board & CTO


In 3Soft Kamil is responsible for analyzing technological trends and implementing them into the projects realized at the edge of IT and business, with special concern for Big Data technologies (including Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark). Kamil is leading the teams of architects and analysts as well as is operationally engaged in architecture design and technology recommendation. He has hands-on experience in designing, implementing and delivering complex Big Data architectures that are leveraged to automate advanced analytics, including deep learning, for customers from financial services, telco, industry, social media and healthcare.

Balazs Gaspar

Solution Engineer


Balázs Gáspár is a Sales Engineer at Cloudera, covering the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, helping customers identify use-cases and find the right technical solution to turn their data into business value. Balázs has eight years international presales experience in enterprise IT solutions.

Dmytro Tkanov

Head of AI at Sciforce

Co-founder of EyeAI

Graduated from Kharkiv National University in 2011. MSc in theoretical physics. Started solving problems using machine learning more than 8 years ago. Went a road from software engineer to head of AI department. Currently leading a team of several machine learning researchers at Sciforce, outlining R&D directions. Co-founder of beaconless indoor analytics startup — EyeAI. Main area of expertise is deep learning in spoken language applications: automated speech recognition, articulatory features modeling, speech segmentation etc. Extensive experience in adapting of-the-shelf models, building custom training and inference pipelines from scratch, conducting research in such domains as speech, vision, text, fintech, sensors data. Early adopter of Tensorflow and Tensor Processing Units.

Piotr Rosiak

Head of Data


Piotr Rosiak, as a Head of Data has created cross-functional Data Science Team at AirHelp, a core team in a whole company.

His 5 teams (22 team members) are responsible for creating insights, defining KPIs, digital tracking, predictions with machine learning models and stable infrastructure with data pipelines.

With 8+ years of experience working with data, he became “Analytics Translator” – new role in analytics, and a key factor in the failure of analytic programs when the role is absent. With technical knowledge, business and analytical skills, he’s translating wide spectrum of problems into data science projects, turning different opportunities into real impact.

He loves teaching, so he works with infoShare academy, creating data driven culture.

Lukasz Grala



Data enthusiast, architect and designer of BI and Big Data solutions. Together with the TIDK team – Data Scientist as a Service, where he is a president, he implements projects related to advanced analytics and data science, in particular machine learning and artificial intelligence. Since 2010, he has been awarded by Microsoft MVP in the Data Platform category. From July 2018, he is one of the 50 MVPs in the world in the AI category. Scientifically connected with the Faculty of Computer Science at the Poznan University of Technology. Member of the board of PTI Wielkopolska and Polish Society of Artificial Intelligence.

Damian Rodziewicz

Data Scientist & Co-Founder

Appsilon Data Science

Damian likes to consider himself a technology maniac, which is apt, considering he is our Cofounder and Lead Data Scientist. He has a Masters in Computer Science and postgraduate in managerial law. Before founding Appsilon he worked at Accenture, UBS, Microsoft and Domino Data Lab.

Konrad Słoniewski

Data Scientist


Konrad Sloniewski is a Data Scientist in Atos where he is currently working on building prescriptive security and user behavior analytics capabilities. Prior to Atos he was a founder of a web startup for HR industry backed by VC where he used machine learning for real-time job offers to candidates matching. He is a graduate of University of Warsaw where he finished Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence specialization.

Anton Holovachenko

Founder & CEO


Anton Holovachenko is the inventor, as well as the founder and CEO of
medical startup UniExo. Since he am a pioneer of exoskeleton technology in the medicine industry, was able to achieve breakthrough technological results to improve the health of patients, and for the
European community to provide more accessible robotic technology that
was built from scratch to a working product.


The main interests are medicine, robotics, artificial intelligence,
nanotechnology and futurism (life of the future).


Have studied degree by building an unmanned aerial vehicles, he studied in Ukraine, Hong Kong and Washington, now works in Germany and Ukraine.

Tomasz Sosinski

BigData Consultant


Tomasz has been exploring the data landscape for a few years now. He has been the witness to technologies growth, adoption and (in some cases) failure.Working through all layers of data processing pipelines, registering odds of software engineering industry, always seeking a better alternative to current solutions.

Scala geek, functional programming disciple, join him in discovering new seas of data-oriented world.

Roman Khotyachuk

PhD Research Fellow

NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS

Roman is currently working on a PhD project in BigData analysis of scientific data. His activity focused on developing analytical applications using modern BigData technologies
(Hadoop, Spark) to analyze large amounts of data from different fields like fluid dynamics,
climate modeling etc. Another Roman’s task is creating predictive models for these fields
using Machine Learning techniques.

He graduated from National Technical University of Ukraine (Kyiv) in 1998, MSc in electrical

10+ years of experience in Business Intelligence/Data Analytics.

Alexey Shaternikov

CEO and Founder


Alexey Shaternikov is Founder and CEO at DSLab. Alexey has 10+ years of practical experience in applying data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve business problems. He currently focuses on forecasting demand and optimizing replenishment strategies to help retailers reduce the number of write-offs and out-of-stocks. Alexey received his degree from Saint Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics.







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